How Callbacklab Works

Who Benefits

Our tool is for any individual or organization that has an active website and a person capable of handling the interactions with website visitors via audio communication.

Callbacklab In Action

  • Website visitor enters their phone number and clicks ‘Call Me Now’
  • An instant call goes out to our client’s specified rep phone/cellphone number
  • Rep accepts callback by pushing any key on the phone’s dial pad
  • Callback lab immediately makes a call from the rep’s phone to the visitor in real time
  • All activity is tracked and displayed in the dashboard

Increase Response and Quality

Handle user iniquities by calling them instantly and intuitively. Track, analyse and review client communications and set the conditions to make recommendations for future improvements.

View our Callbacklab Features

Smart Scheduling

Easily create an availability schedule. Allowing clients to connect with you when you are at your best.

Time Zone Considerate

Regardless where out clients are in the world, Callbacklab just works.

Smart Voicemail Feature

A smart Callbacklab voicemail system has your back and will deliver response to client regardless of the situation.


Using latest certified data encryption to keep our user data safe.

Records & Analytics

Optimize your teams performance using our statistics, call logs and recordings.

Phone extension support

Delivering callback requests to companies with extensions.

Fueld By Machine Learning & Data Science

Callback Lab future growing ambition is to makes full use of the newest technology to only engage hot leads and filter out poor leads. This allows clients to increase conversations even more and get even more targeted business. Machine learning technology learns patterns overtime and automatically improves exponentially.

Friendly Start Up Customer Service

All our clients without exception receive the highest level of customer care and attention. We are a small up and coming start up that is fully dedicated in delivering the best experience.


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